For farmersEdit

  • Poor conditions, bad pay, long hours. Wrokers need computers and bandwidth to play. Either a boss provides these, and expects a return on investment, or they have to supply themselves. But this is not easy.

In his book For the Win Cory Doctorow discusses this kind of situation:

"They'd left their boss and formed a worker's co-op that split the earnings evenly, but they'd had to go heavily into debt to buy the computers to do it, and from what Yasmin understood, their families could be hurt or even killed if they missed a payment, since they'd had to borrow the money from gangsters."

We would try to solve this problem by supplying computers and resources as a donation, a free resource, funded from kickstarter, with no desire to recoup the investment. Perhaps we would cover running costs by running advertisements on the 'ethical gold' site.

  • Stigma from other players, and hassling.

For buyersEdit