Quest: help local gold farmers build gold farming studios where they can work on their own terms.

The hope is to give farmers more freedom in their work - how long they work, how much they charge, and what conditions they prefer.

Sub-Quest 1: Research locationsEdit

The current top countries by number of farmers are:



All of these countries could potentially have free farming studios. Many people to start various studios at the same time in different locations.

Go to one or two of them on a research trip - spend time with local gold farmers, discuss the idea with them, tweak the model. Evaluate prices for the computers, electricity, bandwidth, and also the local perception of farming and potential for support/opposition. Find a few potential spaces where the studio could be established, and discuss rental prices.

Would be good to have a small team. Perhaps a filmographer to document the process. Use this footage for a kickstarter campain.

Sub-Quest 2: Funding and organisationEdit

Create a video, and launch a kickstarter campain. Get a team together. Filmographer - to help record the process. Tech person - for help with networking and hardware.

Main Quest: The studioEdit

Return to the location. Work with local knowledge and experience to rent some space, supply computers and bandwidth and electricity, and help people use this to their mutual benefit.

Perhaps there would need to be a small rental fee - so that it wasn't exploited. People who wanted to play couldn't prevent those who wanted to work. But there is flexibility with this: after a certain time of night, there could be free usage. For those who wanted to work or play after others had gone home. And, they could allow free usage for the first few hours if a person takes an 30 mins of training at some point in those hours. So that beginners can access, but also learn how to use it to profit.

We would try to document this process and distribute this footage in a series of videos, while it is still going on. To allow feedback and input from the global community. We hope to be very open and collaborative. We could even have an hour a day where we stream from a cam within the studio - depending on what everyone thinks.

We hope to have an exit plan from the running of the studio, with ongoing support and the tools to connect and self-help.

Perhaps 3 - 6 months on site, and then 3 months leaving the studio to run with only locals. We could return during this time in the event of project failure to recover the hardware and learn some lessons. If not, after this self-running period, a return visit of 2-4 weeks to help with any issues. Then, freedom.


We must commit not to hack, or to be against it? This story just sucks - it's unfair.