What do they want?

For the buyers, they want cheap gold but other tings are important too - like safety, customer service, and speed.

In customer servive, speaking to other native speakers is something that many users talk about. For this reason our first studios will be in India and the Phillipines, which both have 97% of people native English speakers.

Later we will expand to China, Mexico, and Romania to supply other customers.

Case StudiesEdit

From yahoo.answers: [1]

Girlgame What is the Cheapest wow (world of warcraft) gold website? now i know u may get banned for it but i only buy like 2 times in a year ... i dont time to farm i work 8 ro 12 hours a day so i just want to enjoy the good stuff in the game without having to farm gold to do that ... so i just want to know what is the cheapest wow gold website and thank you a lot :)Best Answer - Chosen by Voters I've used guy4game and offgamers and both are usually competitively priced, but not the cheapest. I use them because of their great support and reliable service. With the economy the way it was I didn't want to spend more than necessary. So I searched for the cheapest legit WoW gold site to continue buying as well. Based on my research the two cheapest are: -this website is well rated and usually offers the cheapest prices up front depending on the delivery time you choose.
-this website may be beat on their initial offer, but they will price match other gold sites. So I chose and they gave me a lower price than they advertised because I showed them the price on Hope this info helps.